Turns out we're not the only folks farming around here. Listed are a few of our friends who are highly deserving of your patronage (both farming and non-farming).

Eco Farm : We owe a lot to the tutelage and just plain kindness of John Soehner. John does a lot of veggies, and sells some pretty incredible pork (we're partial to the Bratwurst and Smoked Bacon). You can find John at Carrboro market on Wednesdays and Saturdays. Be sure to have him tell you a joke. He's got plenty.

Bluebird Meadows : Stuart "Dude Next Door" White and Alice "Leading Lady" Pruitt have some of the nicest fresh cut flowers you'll find around here. On top of that, they grow some delicious veggies, and are just an awesome couple. Their commitment to blogging is an inspiration to us. You can visit them Saturdays at the Durham market.

Farmer's Daughter: Any description of what April McGreger does with food simply wouldn't do it justice. Her baked goods and preserves are great. And her fermented foods are an extra special treat. Visit her on Wednesday or Saturday at Carrboro market.

Scratch Bakery Phoebe Lawless (you don't get a cooler last name than that) is the reason we're headed for type II diabetes. We cannot resist her doughnut muffins and free form pies. She usually sells out, so make sure to visit her early at Durham market on Saturdays.

BlackArm Bespoke: Kieran Ionescu is not only one of our best friends, and most committed supporters, but he's also a sick shoemaker. Check out his website, and his work. You might even convince him to sell you a pair of shoes, one day. We are definitely sporting them at market (he makes the only shoes that match our unique, trendsetting style).

Diane Rehm : Diane has nothing to do with farming. We just listen to her show a lot.