Farming isn't a walk in the park. Most folks only know what they see at market, a bountiful harvest of fresh veggies, eggs, meats, etc... However, there are a lot of risks involved with growing produce in a sustainable, pesticide free environment. A blight can ruin thousands of tomato plants. A flash frost alone can destroy an entire field of plants.

Partipating in a CSA is a way for you to build a close relationship with your farmer, and take part in the burdens and blessing of local, small farming. The USDA provides a shockingly adequate definition of a CSA. You can also learn more about it by viewing this informative video .

Basically, before the peak growing season begins, you pay your farmer of choice a lump sum, and s/he provides you with a weekly share of the freshest produce available. Your participation ensures that we have sufficient resources to do what we do. In return, we guarantee CSA members first priority when produce comes up for harvest.

For 2009, we are offering 25 CSA shares. For $400 you will receive 20 weeks of the freshy-fresh. We can't tell you exactly what you will get and when, but this Harvest Calendar will give you a rough idea of what vegetables are available each month. We include eggs weekly or bi-weekly depending on what else is in the box. You could also expect some cut flower bouquets from time to time. We provide drop off at the Carrboro Farmer's Market on Wednesday and the Durham Farmer's Market on Saturday. The share will start in about the middle of April and go through to about the middle of September. We'll send out an email two weeks beforehand to get you all salivating.

CSA shares tend to go fast, so let us know ASAP if you are interested. We will accept members until all the shares are gone. Payments are due by February 5th.

Update! We have officially sold all of our CSA shares for 2009. Thanks to all those who were interested, and to those who signed up! For those who didn't get a share this year, please visit us at Market for the finest eggs this side of the Mason-Dixon, and some pretty delicious strawberries and veggies.