You know what it is. The name says it all. But if you think the devil's in the details, think again.

With roughly 5 acres of flowers, vegetables, strawberries, and a crew of 300 bad-ass, egg-laying chickens who get rotated weekly, we're exactly what we say we are: we're the realist. A simple farm, never whack. No pesticides, herbicides, hormones, or anything we wouldn't put in our own bodies. Our chickens are pasture-raised, so they get a balanced diet of minerals and nutrients, and are able to produce eggs with deep orange yolks (the way nature intended).

Hard to believe, right? That a farm could be so great? Well, find out for yourself. We attend two farmers markets a week. You can find us at the Carrboro Farmers Market every Wednesday during the peak growing season (typically April to October) from 3:30pm to 6:30pm. On Saturday mornings, we occupy a spot at the Durham Farmers Market from 8am-12pm (10am-12pm during the winter).

In addition to markets, there is actually a documentary briefly detailing what Lil' Farm is all about. It should give you some insight into what we mean by "Never Whack." Thanks to Lauren Frohne for approaching us and putting the video together. Oh, and remember folks, we're farmers, so there's profanity in the film (but only a little bit that your kids probably already learned from that family road trip to visit grandma).